Saturday, February 23, 2013

How To Commune With God, By Henry Gruver

Brothers and sisters, if you truly desire to serve God with all of your heart, you will be so blessed as you watch this video which has Henry Gruver speaking about how to commune with God. Mr. Gruver has walked the nations praying as he goes. He has seen many miracles and I know of no one else who has experienced so much.

He is Mr. Henry Gruver. He boasts no title. You will hear almost 3 hours of what he has experienced in the Lord and if you are truly concerned about living a holy life and desire to be used of God , you will love this teaching. The video gets better and better as it goes along.

Please let me know if you are blessed by it. As far as man's words, this may be the best video I have ever seen. It calls me to seek the Lord with all my being. I was very stirred up in the Spirit. If you listen to it, make sure you watch it all as it gets better and better as he goes along.

You can find many of his messages at

God bless you!
Warren McGrew III

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