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Christian Bill Of Rights

Christian Bill Of Rights

christian bill of rights
You Are RIGHT to believe the Bible alone is the word of God and all other so-called holy books (including the Book of Mormon and Koran) are only counterfeits and will mislead precious souls away from God.
You Are RIGHT to reject evolution and believe in an almighty personal designer God who created everything and all life in the entire universe.
You Are RIGHT to fear God and be fully aware he has the power to destroy both your body and soul in hell and that he is a HOLY God, who can get wrathful over sin.
You Are RIGHT to unashamedly serve, follow and trust in Jesus of Nazareth for your salvation, because he is the proven Son of God and Messiah, who died for the sins of the whole world.
You Are RIGHT to spread the life giving gospel of Jesus Christ as defined in the Bible to be repentance towards God and faith in Christ Jesus (Acts 20:21). You Are RIGHT to contend for the faith against the once saved always saved teachers,who have changed grace into a license to sin if they be professing Calvinists or non-Calvinists.
You Are RIGHT to believe there is only a heaven and hell and NO purgatory or limbo beyond the grave awaiting us after our death and to enter the home of righteousness means one will have to be righteous and pure.
You Are RIGHT to declare that you are holding on to what you have and keeping yourself pure, even though eternal security proponents may ridicule you for such terminology.
You Are RIGHT to think that you as a Christian are NOT a sinner, but instead a godly, holy living saint, as long as you remain faithful to God.
You Are RIGHT to declare the way into God’s kingdom is narrow and only the minority of people will actually enter and those same people put God’s word into practice.
You Are RIGHT to profess that Jesus is “the way” to God and all other similar claims are dangerously wrong, including the Fatima Marian Visions, which state Mary is “the way” to God.
You Are RIGHT to believe in the humanity of Christ and his deity and worship him as God, as the earliest disciples did.
You Are RIGHT to affirm that sin is still the issue with God and that certain sins can drag even the previously saved to hell, if he yields to the devil’s temptations.
You Are RIGHT to tell others that eternal life is a “gift,” but that doesn’t mean it came cheap or that you will reap it in the end without sowing to please the Spirit.
You Are RIGHT to vocalize that the devil is not in hell yet, but prowls throughout the earth seeking to destroy us through sin and religious lies.
You Are RIGHT to know you can resist the devil and obey God; and that you do not have to sin all the time and that you can live holy and pure in this life.
You Are RIGHT to be cautious in friendships knowing that the wrong companions can be used to hurt and contaminate your soul and cause loss of eternal life.
You Are RIGHT that your most precious possession is your soul and if you gain all the gold, diamonds, oil, real estate, etc. in the whole world at the cost of your soul you have made a terribly bad deal.
You Are RIGHT to believe that if you go to the lake of fire, it will be your own fault and that God doesn’t want anyone to perish.
Print the Christian Bill of Rights as a pdf tract.

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Evangelical brother Dan Corner is a Bible holiness preacher, teacher and soul winner. Most importantly he is a Christian and former Roman Catholic.

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