Monday, October 12, 2015

Charles Spurgeon's Defense of Calvinism Refuted Part 1 of 4

As a former Calvinist, I have come to see how horrible it is. You will be shocked at how horrible Charles Spurgeon's words are! He praises Augustine who was the worst thing that happened since 300 AD.

The Real Augustine Of Hippo Exalted In Calvinism and Catholicism
Brethren, we have been devastated by false teachers in our day and Augustine of Hippo from the 300's AD, is greatly to blame. Many of his false doctrines found their way into Calvinism, Catholicism, Armenianism and almost every denomination. Augustine was heavily impacted by the Gnostics. For nine years, Augustine was a Manichean, a devotee of of the teachings of Mani, founder of a Persian moral cult. ( He has seriously damaged so many. His foundation also included:

1) praying to the dead
2) persecuting "heretics". John Calvin also was responsible for murder. 
3) infant damnation
4) transmission of sins
5) infant baptism
6) baptismal regeneration
7) praying to Mary

Please read your New Testament, believe what it says and ask the Father to fill you with His Holy Spirit. The New Testament was written to believers, so do not skip over the warnings, but apply them to yourself. Do not trust man!

Charles Spurgeon's Defense of Calvinism Refuted
Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

    Smoking out a Calvinist & Their False Doctrines.

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