Saturday, January 2, 2016

Two Of The Most Dangerous Traps Satan Has For Believers

Lethal 1. Countless teachers/pastors are masons who keep it silent and countless more are addicted to pornography. Letting a pastor or teacher into your mind can lead you to hell. What do you do? Repent of any sin and turn from it. Go to the New Testament scriptures and read them slowly. Make a decision of your will that you will believe what the scriptures say, NOT WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT. Pray to the Father to fill you with His Holy Spirit. Continue to do this until you can judge the teachers/pastors. This is about your soul. Do not give up! It is about your soul. Read the New Testament first as it is the revealing of the Old Testament.

Lethal 2. "Once Saved Always Saved" or "Perseverance of the Saints". Both of these are man made doctrines. We are never told our future sins are covered. In our day of Apostasy, millions of believers or former believers are sinning the sins that keep one out of the kingdom of God and all the while they have died spiritually. You must repent and obey. Ezekiel 18

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