Sunday, January 17, 2016

Freemasons and Druids Promote the Teachings of John Macarthur

Brothers and sisters, as you surely know, Satan seeks to destroy Christianity. The pulpits are filled with rich, Masonic, pastors who are actually wolves is sheep's clothing. Such is John MacArthur. We have long since reached a point where, it is dangerous to listen to a pastor or teacher.

Please go after God. Read His New Testament. Do not let a man or woman into your mind and soul. Many will fall away. Many will turn to fables. Please get ready to go through hard times. Hard times that we have never experienced. It will be sudden and now is the time to Know Your God. We should not think we can go from cold to hot when the sudden trials come. If we are not willing to die for Christ, we are in serious trouble. Please prepare.

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