Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Biggest Vatican Secret Revealed!

Friends, the following video is so very good. Go to Daniel, chapter 7. You will see when the 3 kingdoms were uprooted and you will see that the Catholic "church" will "crush the whole world." in verse 23. In verse 25, we are told "The holy people will be handed over to him (antichrist) for a time, times, and half a time." Are you ready? Are you living a holy life? When the mark is given, will you take the Mark of the Beast and perish? Be not deceived by man, such as heretic John MacArthur, who has told the world that you can take the mark and repent later. This is a fast track to hell. I believe there could be 20 years before the end, but if you are not living a holy life, you and your family are in serious trouble. The New Testament alone has 80 warnings about falling away from faith, and dying spiritually. You cannot trust man. Read the New Testament until you can judge the teachers.

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