Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Opah Fish Proves Science Has Dropped The Ball Again

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For too many people, science and its scientific method is fool-proof and a sure way to know truth, and if you deviate from science you are incorrect and irrational! Most recently the opah fish demolished that notion about science disseminating truth!
It’s one of the most basic biology facts we’re taught in school growing up: Birds and mammals are warm-blooded, while reptiles, amphibians and fish are cold-blooded. But new research is turning this well-known knowledge on its head with the discovery of the world’s first warm-blooded fish — the opah. (
Just think of all the millions of people who were wrongly convinced in the classroom that all fish are cold blooded! After all, their respected professors, who have “all the answers” were very careful to be scientific with their dogmatic findings and beliefs. Moreover, their students became just as dogmatic as their teachers. But now, they realize they were all duped! There were deceived! Again, science has dropped the ball.

Evolution is a Fraudulent UNPROVEN Theory

It is very insignificant, if all fish are cold-blooded or not, but the important point with this is, science is NOT always right! Remember that fact. Science can be wrong and its UNPROVEN THEORY of evolution is a prime example of that, as with theopah fish.
Evolution flatly contradicts the biblical creation message. Therefore, this becomes very authority To challenge the word of God on any issue is serious, especially after the Lord Jesus himself personally endorsed the whole Old Testament and promised the New Testament.See The Bible Alone: Final Authority. By his unique authority, the Lord Jesus is telling us all that we are believing absolute truth, if we believe the message of scripture. It doesn’t make any difference if science, a false prophet, a wizard or the devil himself contradicts the written word of God — he, she or it is wrong!
That is important to know. We must be sure the bible is 100% truth because the message of the bible is EXTREME! It might cost you everything you have to get or hold on to eternal life. To vacillate about any issue the bible speaks out on, because of science, could shake your confidence in believing the one and only gospel. That in turn would be destructive to your soul.
Suffice it to say, science is not the final word! The science method is not always correct, but the Bible is and we can most assuredly trust its message completely. What you do with the message of the Bible will determine where you will spend eternity! Do you know Jesus?

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