Wednesday, December 23, 2015

MacArthur, R C Sproul, and The Satanic

Brothers and sisters, evil is all around us. MacArthur is telling the young people they can take the mark of the beast and repent later, setting them up for hell! What could be more evil? Jesus tells us we may be called to die for Him, but if we deny Him, He will deny us before the Father.

Now we see the true R. C. Sproul giving a Satanic Salute.

I plead with you. Do not give your mind to a teacher. You should never do that. You need to be filled with the Holy Spirit and read the New Testament for your self. Satan has thousands of false teachers. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY DO WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT. Why would you trust your soul to a man who may fill his time at home with pornography or Satanic Salutes. They are getting bolder by the day.


  1. Please understand this. I was a Calvinist for decades and taught Calvinism. I was delivered from what you call good. I have no hatred for any one, but am not concerned about Calvinist preachers as they are deceived and deceiving. I am concerned about those who have been lied to. You apparently are one of those. I have no doubt about the satanic gesture. It came from others who want to help people escape Calvinism.

    1. There are no Calvinists in the Kingdom of God.

    2. I was shocked to see this picture of RC Sproul hailing Satan. The Baptist pastor I mentioned on another website in which we exchanged comments, the one who was a Calvinist, who insists that all extrabiblical revelation stopped after the apostolic age despite my reading Joel 2:28-29 to a class he taught, actually made this sign at the end of one of his sermons. I subsequently told him that that was the Satanic salute, and the next week I brought several pictures of characters like Darwin and Anton la Vey and others hailing Satan with this same gesture. I expected him to be interested and tell me he hadn't known--but instead he blew up at me and told me not to spread it around (he was the second Baptist preacher to tell me this, despite the fact that I simply told them both to their faces that I disagreed with them). I told him I didn't appreciate being accused of something before I'd done it, and there were plenty of other churches around here, and I actually left before the start of his sermon. You are right, false teachers are everywhere, and they are revealed by their response when confronted with truth.

  2. I just looked longer at the pictures you have at the top of this, and went "Ah-ha," when I saw the 5 pointed pentagram--along side the 5 points of Calvinism. The pastor of the Baptist church who made this sign also extolled 5 point Calvinism.

  3. I just now read your comment, there are no Calvinists in heaven, and I agree--Calvin was an unrepentant murderer, and Scripture says no murderer will be in heaven. I can't believe how BLIND I have been! I'm glad my eyes have been opened, but it's been a sad experience.