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The Religious Wolves Are Giving Birth For The Last Days

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The Religious Wolves Are Giving Birth For The Last Days

Sadly, Jacob Prasch has updated the list of men that he thought spoke the truth. The list at the bottom is no longer correct. I know for sure John MacArthur who has moved into apostasy, would not be on it as he now believes you can take the mark of the beast and repent later.  I am not confident in his list and some have proven to be dangerous. I probably spend more time researching false teachers as I have the time.

Stay in the scriptures, especially the New Testament . Stay on your knees. Do not trust men, who love to be honored and put Dr. in front of their name. You can read the scriptures. You should not need man. Ask God to teach you! He wrote it to children, not theologians.

Stay away from the pagan John MacArthur. He has many connections which are anti-Christ. He told thousands that they can take the mark and repent later. The truth will prevail as seen here.;postID=4323369525554965398;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=link  copy and paste

What Are We Left With? By James Jacob Prasch

What Are We Left With? 

APRIL 2ND, 2010
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What Are We Left With?

As emergent apostate McLaren continues his satanic agenda to dismantle the Gospel, and as John Piper promotes Rick Warren, the real question emerges: What Are We Really Left With?

By James Jacob Prasch 
First Satan raised up ecumenical deceiver Chuck Colson supported by false prophet Pat Robertson and J. I. Packer to betray the scriptural Gospel compromising with the sacramental one of Roman Catholicism.

Then Satan raised up anti-Israel preacher John Stott and Replacement Theology Restorationist Roger Forster to deny that Jesus died to save souls from a permanent conscious hell because they teach none exists.

Then Satan raised up Tony Campolo and his son Bart to deny that things Scripture calls sin are sin, stating that portions of God’s Word with which they disagree will either be spiritualized away or ignored.

Then Satan raised up Mike Bickels assortment of predatory perverts, drunks, homosexuals, and mystics — the Kansas City False Prophets who propagated an over-realized eschatology of Kingdom Dominion Theology fueled by failed prophetic predictions.

Then Satan raised up Rick Warren to replace Gods peace plan with Rick Warrens multi-faith one and replace the scriptural kerygma of Gospel presentation with a seeker-friendly one based on the marketing psychology of Peter Drucker, Bill Hybels, Robert Schuller, and New Age mystic Ken Blanchard.

Warrens Purpose Driven Lie is not built on biblical theology but on popular psychology which downplays sin.

Then Satan raised up Steve Chalk to deny that Jesus died for sin because it would make God a child abuser in his view.

If this were not enough, then Satan deluded the church with counterfeit revivals in Toronto, Pensacola, and Lakeland raising up deceivers like John Arnott, Colin Dye, Sandy Miller, Wyn Lews, R. T. Kendall, Rodney Howard Browne, Gerald Coates, John Kilpatrick, Mike Evans, Michael Brown, Guy Chevreau, Mark Dupont, Bill Johnson, C. Peter Wagner, and proven false prophet Rick Joyner.

Satan had already discredited the church and its message in the eyes of the fallen world it is called to evangelize with Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, TBN, Joyce Meyer, Morris Cerullo, Creflo Dollar and the money preachers.

Then Satan raised up corrupters of God’s Word itself seeking to replace Scripture with counterfeits of it such as Eugene Petersons The Message.

Then Satan raised up a list of heretical authors writing popular books at fundamental odds with scriptural doctrine such as The God Chasers, The Prayer of Jabez and other such specimens of pseudo-spiritual junk.

Then Satan raised up someone to write The Shack which not only denies the scriptural Gospel but amounts to blasphemy. Satan even raised up Gayle Irwin to endorse it.

Then Satan raised up Dan Kimball and Brian McLaren supported by Rick Warren to rewrite Christianity as a post-modern. Neo-mystical religion.

What we are left with is a Christianity that is not scripturally Christian. We are left with an evangelicism that is not scripturally Evangelical.

We are left with Christian books that are not authentically Christian and preachers who do not preach scripture but secular psychology and secular philosophy thinly disguised in Christian jargon. 

We are left with an ecumenical unity that is not the unity of the Holy Spirit but the expressway to Babylon. 
We are left with revivals that are not revivals and with translations of Gods Word that are not the Word of God.

We are left with a charismata that is, rather, charismania and a false spirituality imagining itself to be Christian but is actually little more than New Age mysticism. 

We are left with an apostate Evangelical church that is as much a harlot church as the Catholic Church of Rome, Eastern Orthodoxy, or Liberal Protestantism ever were.

We are left with a version of faith that is nothing more than greed and a god who is not YHWH but mammon. 

We are left with a Stephen Sizer embracing the grace and favor of radical Islamic terrorist Iran who have martyred 98% of Iranian Christian pastors without Sizer uttering a syllable of complaint about the mass murder of Christians as he appeared on Iranian TV to denounce Israel, the one nation in the Middle East shielding the human rights and religious freedom of its Christian population.

We are left with seminaries like Fuller that are mere ecclesiastical business schools and faculties of psychology where they pray before their stupid, worthless lectures.

Then we have so-called Evangelical theologians such as J. D. G. Dunn and Colin Chapman who are theological liberals, Clark Pinnock who denies that God knows the future, and Norman Geisler who is a Tomist Aristotilian in the Roman Catholic tradition of Thomas Aquinas.

We are left with the utterly pathetic figure of John Piper, the Calvinistic Replacements now embracing Rick Warren after Warren appeared on Larry King Live on CNN and recanted his opposition to California’s Proposition 8 and same-sex marriage.

We are left with a revisionist church history, an abject doctrinal theology, a hermeneutic that is gnostic, and a gospel that is no longer the true Gospel at all. Indeed, the Christ of the Emergent Church is no more the Christ of Scripture than the Roman Catholic eucharistic Christ or the plastic idol on the dashboard are the real Jesus. 

From Benn Hinn to Todd Bentley, from Rick Warren to John Piper, from Chuck Colson to Brian McLaren, from Stephen Sizer to Rick Joyner — the rise of so many false teachers and false prophets dispatched by Satan to deceive the elect is exactly what we were forewarned to expect.
McLarens latest book of demonic lies from hell simply fits the groove and paves the next step of the way for dawn of the Antichrist and the False Prophet.

Therefore Satan uses his servant Rick Warren to instruct Christians to reject and defy the command of Jesus for us to be watchful concerning the signs of His return by distorting the Scriptures and teaching the undiscerning to avoid End Time prophecy. Yet this too is exactly what Jesus told us it would be like before He returns.

Indeed, Will the Son of Man find faith on earth? (Luke 18:8)

In His Grace, May Jesus Keep Us Faithful To Him. 

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